About Jon Herbert Scott

Jon Herbert Scott began his career as a journalist for The European newspaper before joining the prison service to become a prison governor. He worked in three London prisons.


These days Jon is back working as a writer. He has written about prisons for the Guardian and London Evening Standard newspapers and has also appeared on BBC and Sky TV as a commentator.


Set in a fictional London prison, Trouble on the Wing is a fast-moving twist-laden espionage thriller. Nevertheless it draws heavily from Jon's first-hand experiences as a prison officer on the landings and as a prison governor. As a result its portrayal of prison life is unusually authentic for a novel.



"One of the best works of fiction I've ever read" - Dr Mike Sutton, Internet Journal of Criminology


"An easy and entertaining read" - Prison Governors' Association


"I enjoyed this" - Russellwebster.com


"Superbly authentic" - Jonathan Aitken